6 Things You Need to Know About Car Detailing

Car detailing is an important part of car maintenance. It can be done by professionals or at home for those who are willing to do some research and invest in the necessary equipment.

In this blog post, we will discuss 6 things you need to know about car detailing and how it can make a difference for your vehicle’s appearance, longevity, and safety.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning a vehicle inside and out, typically with an emphasis on making it look new. It can also include restoring faded colors to their original luster or removing permanent marker from fabric upholstery.

Some products are used for car detailing like detergents, waxes, abrasives (pads or brushes), tire dressing compound, cotton cloths/towels.

Detailing is often done as part of routine maintenance before showing a car at auto shows or competitions; many automobile manufacturers recommend having cars detailed every year by factory certified body shops along with other scheduled services such as oil changes and tune ups in order to maintain the warranty status of the car’s paint job.

It’s important to make sure car detailing is done in an environmentally friendly way.

There are many techniques used by professionals to clean the exterior and interior of a vehicle, some will use cloths or brushes while others will employ sanding blocks, buffers and polishers.

Some people like to do their own car detailing at home because it’s cheaper than taking your car into a detailer every time you want something fixed up on your car. But it is not substitute for the expertise and experience of a professional.

The Importance of Car Detailing

Detailing your car is more than just a way to keep it clean. It can also help maintain its value and make the car last longer, which will save you money in the long run.

  • Protect your paint job from sun damage with wax
  • Clean up messes made by children or pets
  • Remove salt stains caused by snow on winter mornings

Car detailing protects from sun damage with waxes that seal in shine so dirt won’t stick as much and other products like clay bars which get embedded grime off of the paint job without scratching or marring the surface. It’s not just about cleaning either; you also need to keep your car interior in good condition.

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Most car owners think detailing is only necessary for higher-end vehicles but in reality, every vehicle needs some level of care to stay in top shape and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements down the line.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

Car detailing is a process that should be done regularly, but how often depends on your lifestyle. If you don’t drive much and your car is stored in the garage most of the time, then it might not need an extensive detailing more than once or twice a year. But if you frequently use your car for business trips, pleasure drives or transporting pets around town, then it will get dirty faster which means you may decide to detail it monthly.

It is important that your car is clean and shiny. This will not only make it look better, but also give you peace of mind when driving around because there are fewer chances that bugs or bird droppings will stick to your car’s surface during the journey.

If you plan on selling your car in a few months, then detailed cleaning should be done as often as possible so that potential buyers can judge its condition easily.

Car detailing cannot eliminate all dirt and stains from carpets, upholstery and leather seats; they need special attention with an appropriate cleaner for these surfaces. The best way to do this is by taking them out before applying the right product which means planning ahead if you want to get it done professionally at least once a year.  It may seem like a lot of work, but most car owners would agree that it really pays off.

If you are in Newcastle, we recommend Newcastle car detailing, however there are other professional car detailing companies that provides car detailing services in Newcastle like Portside Car Detailing for example, they are specialists in Car Detailing in Newcastle that provides premium detailing focusing on full details, paint correction and ceramic paint protection. If you want to know more, visit their website whenever you have time.

So how do we know when our car needs detailing?

Most car owners have to think about car detailing. Those who spend a lot of time in their cars, and those who are committed to keeping it looking as new as possible have the need for regular car detailing.

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The exterior is what we see when driving around town or at work. The interior tells us how much attention has been put into caring for our most prized possession – our vehicle.

Not only does this make a statement about you but also speaks volumes about your business if it’s parked outside with mud on the tires and leaves clinging to the exhaust pipe.

Here are some signs:

  • The car is noticeably dirty
  • There are spills in the car, crumbs on seats and a sticky drink ring on the dashboard
  • It’s been months or more since you last washed your vehicle and now it looks as though there has been no care at all taken to preserve its appearance.
  • Paint is chipping
  • You can smell the car’s interior from a mile away
  • Your car headlights become foggy

What Equipment Do I Need to Detail My Own Car?

If you want to detail your car on your own, you will need a few things. You’ll need some sort of bucket to clean the car off with, gloves for your hands (these will protect them from grease), microfiber towels and sponges, a good bug scrubber (you might want one that has bristles attached at both ends) in addition to an orbital buffer or polisher.

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It’s also worth getting a spray bottle of window cleaner if you’re going to be using it on your windows. Finally, make sure you have something like clay bar lubricant in order to remove any surface contamination before applying wax or sealant later on down the line.

Below are some tips to help you get started on your own:

  • Use gloves when cleaning with chemicals which can cause irritation
  • Buy good quality tools such as microfiber towels, scrubbers, buffers/polishers
  • Always wear goggles and long sleeves while working on cars; both will protect against chemical splashes

For more information about car detailing services, contact a professional company like Portside Car Detailing.

How to find a reputable auto detailer?

Finding a professional detailer is easy nowadays. There are plenty of online resources that can be used to find a reputable car detailer in your area.

The first step is going on the internet and typing “car detailing near me” into Google Maps search box or any other map platform you prefer, for example Bing maps. The results will show up with the closest auto-detailing shops around your location as well as their phone number so you can call them directly and get an estimate without having to leave your house at all!

Next thing you want to do is checking out reviews before booking anything. Ratings are given by previous customers who have had experiences with these companies in terms of quality workmanship, customer service etc., so it’s always wise to check them out before you make a decision.

It is also important to keep in mind when choosing an auto detailer, you need to know their specialties, previous experience in handling different type of vehicles, what is included in their packages and what are the rates for services.


To conclude, car detailing is a necessary service for any vehicle. It gives new life to your car and makes it shine like the day you first drove off of the lot. The best part about this service is that it’s not too expensive, which means anyone can enjoy it!

We hope this blog post will help you in making an informed decision! If you like this blog post, share it on social media with your friends and families.


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