Buff, Polish, & Shine Detailing Newcastle

Car manufacturers recommend that you should get your car polished every 3-4 months to maintain its shine and quality of paint for a long time. Our detailed Buff, Polish & Shine services are carried out to rid the car of dust, rust, grease, and grim that affects the build of your car both in the short and long term. 

Buff, Polish & Shine Detailing Services

When the paint is done, our technicians apply high-quality wax to the surface to bring out its shine and protect the paint. 

After our team is done with the job, it is not surprising for our customers to not recognise their own car. Buff, Polish & Shine also leads to a clean and shining car that is easier to wash and maintain and has the same desirability factor that it had on day one.

Our Buff, Polish & Shine service includes the following: